Mobile Development in ASP.NET

I wonder, how easy it is to develop Mobile Web applications using ASP.NET. The beauty of is, it automatically renders the content based on the requested device. General code intended to work with desktop browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox etc., works absolutely fine in Mobile browsers also. It saves lot of time, without writing separate code for Mobile version of web applications.

NOTE: Mobile Web browsers should be HTML compatible in order to display web page.

For developing Web applications, which intended for Apple iPhone, with minor additions to the existing page, it will render absolutely fine in the Apple safari [Mobile Browser]. Check the below link for more info.

For developing Web applications, which intended for BlackBerry Mobile Phones, surprisingly BlackBerry provides Visual Studio plug-in for BlackBerry, to develop web applications for BlackBerry. Check the following link for more info.

For Mobile web application, intended to display in Android/Symbian OS, it renders absolutely fine, without any extra additions to the page.

If you want to redirect the user to the Mobile Version website, based on the request, check the following link for more information.


My Experience with Microsoft.NET

I’m novice developer in .NET. I use to develop web applications in JAVA since two years. Recently, started exploring .NET and found many interesting things, which I would like to share with you all.

Microsoft .NET, is the technology platform which everyone has to experience it. One of the .NET programming languages, I would like to share my experience is, developing ASP.NET web applications with C#.

Let me start with the beauty of Visual studio 2008 IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It’s an excellent tool for developing ASP.NET web application. Though Microsoft Expression Blend & Web is available for rapid web application development, I prefer using Visual Studio. It’s an awesome tool for developing web applications, right from designing the web application to deploying the web application.

I’m very much impressed with the tools & built in controls available for developing ASP.NET web applications. Frankly speaking, I had a Mobile Web application which was developed using JSP & Struts. I started writing the code for the same application in ASP.NET and interestingly finished my application in half of the time which the JAVA application is developed. Wow its amazing right.

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It’s very powerful, for partial updating of a webpage. ASP.NET supports AJAX in its own style. Developing ASP.NET AJAX web application is as simple as ordering a cake. Everything is readily available, you just need to know how and when to use it.

When I started exploring ASP.NET AJAX, I enjoyed a lot with exploring features in that. There is lot of difference in the way of programming for AJAX, with ASP.NET and JAVA. Believe me it’s fun to develop ASP.NET AJAX web applications.

Next, the most exciting feature in .NET is Interoperability, which it helped me a lot. We have already developed Core engine level functionality in C language. By taking advantage of Interoperability feature in .NET, we have finished our project in no matter of time. Hats off to Microsoft Team for integrating an awesome feature in .NET.

Though I’m developing Microsoft .NET applications since six months, I learn something new every day when I start programming in .NET. It’s an awesome experience with Microsoft.NET.

I started exploring WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), which is dedicated for developing Windows application with enhanced GUI. i really enjoying exploring WPF.

Finally, I’m satisfied with the environment provided for developing applications in Microsoft .NET platform. Hope you guys also enjoy it…!