Latest Browser Configuration Files


Everyone would have been scratching their heads for developing Mobile websites. Some may think it is hectic task for developing Mobile websites. With the introduction of  Microsoft ASP.NET, developing websites for Mobiles devices are made simple.

Two major problems for web developers are based on requested device, redirecting users to the Mobile site or General Site. And, fetching the Browser capabilities.

Both the problems are solved by downloading the latest Browser Configuration files(.browser). Check the following link, to download the latest browser configuration files.

Once you are done with downloading the Browser Configuration files, copy those file to the App_Browsers directory in your application.


NOTE: Don’t copy the Default.browser file. Since it is already available in the System.

Now, You are done. Happy Coding…!

5 thoughts on “Latest Browser Configuration Files

  1. Thanks. I have only VS2008 SP1. Will just pasting the files to App_Browser directory will make my site mobile compliant? Or is it meant to detect whether request is coming from PC or mobile. Whats the difference between this and if browser.IsmobileDevice code? Sorry, its not clear enough.

    What I’m looking for is to make a website in VS which can target both PC and mobile at the same time, not to make a version for each, that’s time-wasting.

    Any tips on that?

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