ASP.NET Server Controls in BlackBerry Browser

ASP.NET Server Controls require JavaScript to be enabled in the BlackBerry browser to work properly. Controls like asp:DropDownList, asp:LinkButton etc., may require JavaScript for Postback. These controls has Postback property, which will post the data back to the server.

These controls won’t work properly especially in BlackBerry browsers, if you didn’t enable the Javascript, in the web.config file.

One strange scenario, where some of the  ASP.NET  controls won’t work are – If you use Mobile Device Browser Files(.browser) files to detect the Mobile browsers.

To overcome this problem, add the following code in the web.config in section.

     <System.web> <browserCaps> <filter> <case match=”(?i)BlackBerry”>EcmaScriptVersion=1.5</case> </filter></browserCaps></System.web>

Happy Web programming for BlackBerry!!!