Testing ASP.NET Web Apps in Google Android emulator

Finally, I got the solution for testing ASP.NET Web applications in Google Android emulator. Download the Google Android emulator from the below link

Android Emulator Download

Once you download the Android emulator, extract the “Android-Emulator.zip” file. Now double click on Run_Emulator(with Boot Animation).exe or Run_Emulator(without Boot Animation).exe to launch the Android emulator.



Now you can test your ASP.NET web apps in Android Emulator. To do that, first deploy your ASP.NET Web application to Local IIS(Internet Information Services). Once the web application is deployed, use the IP Address of the system to test the web application in the Android emulator.


NOTE: JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 1.6 or above and JDK(Java Development Kit) 1.6 or above should be installed in your system, in order to work with the Google Android emulator.

You are done now. Happy coding ASP.NET Web apps for Mobile phones.