Apple iPhone/iPad Simulator!

Finally our wait for Apple iPhone/iPad simulator has come to an end! Now you can test your web applications using iPhone/iPad emulator for Windows!!! Thanks to Electric Plum for this awesome simulator for Windows.

Download the Apple iPhone/iPad Simulator from the link. Once you download the link, install the simulator by clicking on setup.exe.

Once you are done with installing, launch the Electric Mobile Simulator!


It gives you an option to choose which simulator to launch – iPhone / iPad. Now select the desired device, to test your web application!

Let say, we selected Apple iPhone!


To enter the URL, mouse over on the title bar, it shows the Address Bar, where you can type the URL.


Here we go with mobile web page of Google!


If you want to switch over to iPad, you can always go to  Simulate->iPad.


You can even test your web application, by switching the orientation – Potrait / Landscape by selecting Orientation –> Potrait / LandScape 


Do check more options in View menu, for zoom in, zoom out, reset etc..,

Tip:- You can make you website Mobile compatible by adding the Viewport meta tag to your web page.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />

For more information on Apple iPhone web development, do check my previous blog post.

Happy Web Programming!!!