Webkit Scroll–best alternative to iScroll plugin!

I have seen questions been asked in the forums,  for the best alternative for iScroll. Though it’s a great plugin and works pretty smooth in Apple and Android devices, there are few limitations.

So, we have got better solution that using iScroll for smooth scrolling of list items, which works great in iOS and Android.

All you have to do it add –webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch to the container of the list items and the webkit takes care of the rest!

Code Snippet
  1. <div style="overflow:auto;-webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch;" >
  2.         <ul>
  3.             <li></li>
  4.             <li></li>
  5.             <li></li>
  6.         </ul>
  7.     </div>


Happy web programming!