Web Tools from Microsoft – modern.IE

I was amazed with the amazing tools provided by Microsoft for Web developers and they hosted a website specially for these tools – modern.IE

So, I’m planning to brief about the Tools in modern.IE site in this post. Let’s see what’s in?

Website Tile – I love this feature! It allows to create Windows Tile in few seconds. Allows the user the user to pin the website to their Windows 8 start screen.

Virtual Machines – It provides virtual machines for different platforms – PC, Mac and Linux. Allows to test your website on different versions of Internet Explorer from your Mac or Linux.

Site Scan – This is a service which allows you to scan your website for coding problems. It helps developers to improve the performance of the site by fixing the pitfalls. It’s Open Source!

Compatibility Scan – It allows to scan your website for your code which is no longer supported and you can update it! This is very useful for outdated browser support especially for < IE 9+ versions.

Browser ScreenShots – It takes the screenshots of your web site in different browser on various platforms includes Mobile Safari and Android.

Developer Channel – Like Firefox and Chrome, IE started pushing nightly build with upcoming features enabled on it! It allows the developers to test the upcoming features in IE to take advantage of latest features!

It has much more in it including Community Support, MSDN resources etc., It’s all yours to explore the hidden information!

Happy Website – IE programming!!!


Windows 8–My Encounter

Windows 8. It’s a new operating system from Microsoft. It’s fast and fluid. Awesome UI and totally new design! Good news is that, Microsoft is unveiling the Windows 8 RT Tablet with own hardware called Surface.

I was bowled with the UI. It needs special mention, because it was an innovation. It totally changed the looks and feel of Windows. Thanks to Microsoft for designing this great product.

 When Windows 8 first announced in BUILD conference, i was surprised on how it’s goanna be! Not again Windows Vista. But it was totally different and was great!

When i started installing Windows 8, it was very fast. Installation was done in 20 minutes and I’m logged in to Windows 8 and started using it. It’s worth mentioning that the Installation was pretty smooth and user friendly.

Though Windows 8 is releasing on October 26th, Microsoft made Windows 8 available to developers and enterprise customers on August 15th in the form of Windows Enterprise Evaluation download – Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation

Are you excited? Are you sure you want your hands get dirty with Windows 8, then go ahead and download the the Windows Enterprise version from the above link.

NOTE: You can install Windows 8 on VHD, check this link for more information.

Windows 8 for consumers

Microsoft Account – Now you can configure your Windows 8 with Microsoft account(previously Hotmail / Live account). With Microsoft account, you can now sync the contacts, Messaging(Facebook, Twitter, Linked In), Calendar etc.,

Mail is built in to Windows 8. Thanks to Microsoft for this amazing feature. You can now configure your mails accounts – Gmail, Hotmail etc., in Windows 8 with out any hassle.

SkyDrive is an amazing app, which allows you to store your multimedia content in the cloud. Microsoft offers approx. 25 GB of space per account.

XBOX – It’s my all time favourite. Now you can play XBOX games in your Windows 8. It’s amazing!

Bing – Microsoft powerful search engine now comes to Windows 8.  Awesome UI. Especially you got to try Image search! Believe me you will definitely love it!

IE 10  – Much advanced browser. Great support for HTML 5 and CSS 3. You will love surfing the web sites in IE 10! More protection from phishing, Tracking and fake websites!

Windows Store –  Great apps. Installing an app is pretty easy. Though it has few number, but going big.

Picture Password – Now you unlock your Windows 8 pc in a way, by connecting dots on the picture! It’s totally new way of unlocking the PC, than the traditional password or using biometric sensors!

Windows 8 for developers

Windows 8 is now touch enabled. No more keyboard and mouse, now you can operate Windows by hand. That’s awesome. May be it’s a tablet or laptop or computer(Should have touch capability). Now you can create awesome apps by using Windows 8 SDK. Create once and run it on multiple devices, yes what you read is absolutely right. App created for Windows 8 tablet can be installed on a Tablet, laptop or computer too!

Now you can leverage your existing Microsoft .NET skills, to develop Windows 8 apps. XAML, C#.NET / VB.NET should be fine to get started! One good news, with Windows 8, Web application developer can also be a Windows 8 developer – If you know HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript, you are not only a web developer, you are Windows app developer too. Are you not  excited with this?

Great development environment – Visual Studio 2012, totally designed to created great apps for Windows 8. Good news is that VS 2012 Express Edition is totally free and you can download it today to get started – Download VS 2012 Express

Resources to get started –



NOTE: In order create apps for Windows 8, you need to have developer license which can be brought from Microsoft – License

Though i have mentioned some features, there are lot many features for consumers as well as developers to explore, which i leave it to you to explore Winking smile

Finally, I wish Windows 8 great success and looking forward to write some cool articles!